Our Partners

ModernTech (Pvt) Ltd has been appointed as the Authorized Distributor for Honeywell LED Lighting Solutions for Sri Lanka

ModernTech (Pvt) Ltd has been appointed as  the Authorized Distributor  for MDT Technologies ,GBMH  Products in Sri Lanka





ModernTech (Pvt) Ltd is the Authorized Dealer for Semaphore Products in Sri Lanka.

Semaphore offers the first IP-based RTU solutions that enable complete integration of SCADA, control and communications functionality in one rugged package. Our simple yet powerful products leverage easy-to-use Web technologies and inexpensive public networks. They are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional SCADA/PLC systems. Semaphore systems provide fast implementation and startup with minimal training and engineering costs.

                                 sem-prod-1                          sem-prod-2

Our key areas

  • Design Energy Management solutions
  • Industrial Automation and Process Control
  • Temperature Control Solutions for Buildings
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • LED Lighting Solutions



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